Oct 16, 2013

Wedding Guest OOTD/OOTN

Hey guys so I went to an old high school friends wedding last week! It was on August 3rd which is also me and Garrett's 8 year dating anniversary!  I was asked to read a verse well chapter lol. I was so happy to participate in their wedding but I am horrified of public speaking. 
So on the mannequin is what I had in mind but when I put the big yellow flower necklace on it was way too much for an elegant wedding. My second option was mu simple and classic pearl necklace which made my outfit look effortless, classy and trendy at the same time!

My dress is from Francesca's Boutique, Necklace was from Belk and my shoes are Aviero from JustFab!

I made Garrett stare at the camera for too long so his eyes got really red and watery, haha! Don't we just look so snazzy together haha! 

I hope you enjoyed my outfit! Talk to you soon! 

<3 Christine

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