Sep 30, 2012

Pulling Colors

What I am Wearing:
Top: Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl\'s
Blazer: Forever 21
Pants: Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl's

Sep 26, 2012

What I am Wearing:
Top: TJ Max
Shorts: Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl's 
Purse: JC Penny
Shoes: - Kristine
Shades: - St. Barts

Sep 22, 2012

Hair Tutorial: Top Knot Bun

What you will need:
Ponytail Holder
Bobbie Pens 

I really like this hairstyle because its a different twist on a top bun and I really love that you actually tie your hair in a knot. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

Sep 20, 2012

Whats in my Purse???

Do I carry enough crap in my purse? I think so. However, I feel that I am fully prepared for any situation that comes my way lol. All I know is that I am everyones go to for mints, a pen, a hairbrush and a mirror. Since I feel I need everything in my bag, I cannot try out the day time clutch trend. Honestly it doesn't really faze me because I love bigger bags so much. In this case the bigger the better. I might have back problems later in life or lean to one side always but I am okay with that. It is more important to me to be prepared. If you ask my family I am the most forgetful person. But, that is why I try to carry what ever I might need at any given moment. But, I have been known to leave my purse a few Well I hope you enjoyed the video and don't forget to check my channel every Monday for Fashion Videos and Thursday for Beauty Videos and Saturdays for Bonus Videos!

Sep 13, 2012


I have my Fall GIVEAWAY going on right now through October 15th over on my YouTube Channel! I am giving away the new 4th edition BH cosmetics 120 eyeshadow pallet and a BH cosmetics liquid liner! to enter all you have to do it:
1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel:
2. Thumbs up or like the video
3. Leave a comment stating your favorite thing in the whole world and a detailed description of why.
4. You can comment as much as you want!

That is all so go over and check it out so you can get the chance to experiment with 120 different colors!!!

Sep 4, 2012

Fall...please hurry up and get here!!!

Oh my gosh fall is here!!!! In scent that is...Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and i know with were I live it wont actually be fall weather for several more months. But, the leaves scent came out at Bath and Body Works and AHHHHH I got two of them. Now I can have my house smelling like fall. At least I can trick myself into thinking it is Fall, while i'm inside at least. I ask you how could anyone not like Fall, it is the perfect cool weather. It allows us to put on oversized clothing and lay, layer, layer. To me layering is how I pick apart the truly great fashion gurus from the others. I love scarves and boots and cardigans and jackets and oh yea my number one Skinny Jeans! I cannot wait till it comes so I might just go ahead and start making Fall videos even though I have 2 more months of summer. Well I am going to go sniff my leaves candles until I pass out and I will talk to you guys later!