Nov 1, 2013

October Favorites | 2013

Today's video is all about my favorites from the past month! OCTOBER! Crazy that is gone...this year is almost over. Christmas is almost here!?!?!? WHAT!?!?!? Anyway's I have been loving a lot of products this month. One holly grail product which is the Kate SummerVille Eradikate! It has changed my life acne wee! I have cystic acne and I break out hormonally. Do to health reasons my hormones are all over the place. Not that I am crying every day of the week or yelling every day but my organs and internal self is all out of sack. The reason I tell you this, is to inform those of you who have the same problem. 
Now lets be honest I could talk about the Kate Summervivllle Eradikate all day and all year but I do have more favorites lol. Scroll down and you will find all of the products mentioned and their links!


Products Mentioned:
Kate Summerville - Eradikate
Starbucks - Trenta Sweetened Black Iced Tea :-)
Aussie - Moist 3 Minute Miracle
Not Your Mothers - Clean Freak Dry Shampoo
Mary Kay - Foundation Primer with SPF
Mark Jacobs - Gell Mascara
Bath and Body Works - LEaves (Gold Edition)
Liz Claiborne - Leopard Loafers
JustFab - Parisian
JC Penny - I Jeans by Buffalo Tabbed – Sleeve Jacket
Francesca - Fro-yo Blouse

Oct 22, 2013

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September Favorites | 2013

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Fall Fashion | Phillip Lim for Target Lookbook

Outfit # 1 

Wearing Both Phillip Lim Pieces 

 Rock my Outfit:

Top and Bottom - Phillip Lim at Target

Bag - JustFab

Shoes - Liz Claiborn from JC Penny

Outfit # 2

Wearing Just the Top

Rock this Look:

Top - Phillip Lim from Target

Skirt - JC Penny

Bag - Boutique in New Orleans

Shoes - Worthington at JC Penny

Outfit # 3

Wearing the top again with Pants

Get the Look:

Top - Phillip Lim at Target

Pants - Belk

Bag - Boutique in New Orleans

Shoes - Mia by

Outfit #4

Wearing just the Pants Casual

Get this Look:

Jacket - LC Collection at Kohls

Shirt -

Pants - Phillip Lim at Target

Bag - Tycoon by

Heels - Aviero by

Outfit #5

Wearing the Pants Dressy

Get my Favorite Look:

Top - JC Penny

Jacket - LC Collection at Kohl's

Pants - Phillip Lim at Target

Heels - Rock n Republic by Kohl's

Bag - Pitti Palace by

Do You Want To See My Outfits In Motion?

Click my YouTube video below!

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Outfit | Girls Night Out!

Hey lovely ladies and gentleman! Todays outfit is definitely something I would wear out for drinks with the girls or even a casual dinner date with Garrett! I love how earthy the look is but it also shows that you know how to dress yourself! I hope it is helpful! 

My jacket is a must for me and I am sure you can tell I love it because it has been styled 1000+ ways on here lol! It is from JC Penny!  

My skirt is from the LC Collection at Kohl's.  


My shirt is Simply Vera by Vera Wang at Kohl's. 

My shoes are Bevin by JustFab. By far the most comfy pair of heels I own and they were my second buy from JustFab. Still available btw ;-)

My necklaces are from Forever 21 except for the blue jeweled one which was my grandmothers. 
I hope you guy's enjoyed this post! I will talk to you all either in the comments below or in my next post! Take care! 
<3 Christine

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Outfit | Brighten Up Rainy Day's

Hello lovlies! Here is an outfit I wore to brighten up a very gloomy, rainy day here in Louisiana! I have worn this shirt and necklace combo quite a lot but never have I paired it with even louder bottoms. I hope you enjoy and to see were everything is from then just scroll down! 

My shorts are from belk. They are very comfy and perfect for the warmer weather. 

My necklace was on 75% off at Belk! So exciting since it is of amazing quality! 

My top is from Belk as well and it feels so luxurious and falls perfectly. Defiantly my favorite shirt for the past few months! 

My Shoes are from APT. 9 at Kohl's.

My gold chain bracelet was from a little boutique in town however I have seen a lot like them at Forever 21. 

My handbag is Taj Mahal from JustFab. 

Thanks so much for reading! Talk to you soon!
<3 Christine

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Vlogust Day 17 | Clouds on My Face!

Outfit | LBD turned Casual

Hello guys! I hope you are all having an amazing Saturday or what ever day you are seeing this post! I wanted to not only try out the new semi-sheer trend but I also wanted to dress down my LBD (aka Little Black Dress) I hope you enjoy! 

My dress is from JC Penny! It is a very trendy piece for fall to have semi sheer clothing.

My necklace is from Forever 21 and my belt is from Francesca's Collections.

My crossbraclete was a birthday gift and my watch is Camille by Michael Kors. 

 My Jacket is from JC Penny!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this outfit inspires you to wear your Little Black Dress in many more ways!  

<3 Christine

Outfit | Faux Leather Flair

Hello guy's so second time is the charm! I took pictures of this outfit wednesday so it would be up Thursday. Our power went off and I lost a lot of photos and video footage. So, today Garrett helped me shoot them again! So, I hope you enjoy this outfit! As, always scroll down to see were I got the elements from my outfit!  

My skirt is from L'Amore Nanette Lapore from JC Penny.

My handbag is from JustFab and is called Pitti Palace! My heels are by Guess but I bought them from Belk.

My T-shirt is from Jeans by Mango Fashion at JC Penny and it reads "There is beauty in everything but, not everyone can see it."

From top to bottom my rings are from Forever 21 and my grandmothers.

My necklaces very from Forever 21 and a gift!

My watch if from Charming Charlie. Spiked Bracelet is from Forever 21!My watch if from Charming Charlie. Spiked Bracelet is from Forever 21!

My dark washed chambray shirt is from MNG by Mango at JC Penny.

Thank you so much for reading! Talk to you soon! 

<3 Christine

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10 Products Under $10

My Birthday in Outfits!

Hey guys so I know this is late in terms of my birthday but it was only a week ago so yea lol. During the day to run my errands I wore this maxi dress for comfort and for dinner I wore the same dress from the wedding I was in. I hope you enjoy these outfits and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comments!

This dress and jacket is from JC Penny, my belt is from Forever 21, my neckace was a gift from and my shoes are from TJ Maxx.

My dress is from a boutique called Francesca's, heels are from JustFab called Aveiro, clutch is from MNG by Mango at JC Penny, watch is Camille by Michael Kors, earrings were made by my lovely husband Garrett, and my necklace was a gift from

These were my outfits for my 23rd birthday! It was a magical day and very special. I hope your day has been wonderful and thanks for reading! 

<3 Christine

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Vlogust Day 12 | Workin'

Vlogust Day 11 | Grocery Shopping

Back to School Makeup Tutorial

Oct 16, 2013

Lookbook ft. Aviero from JustFab

Hey guys since I have been obsessed with my Aveiro heels from JustFab I thought I would share with you all of the ways I have styled them the past few months! I hope you enjoy!  
♡50% off your first purchase at with the link below vvvv

<3 Christine

Wedding Guest OOTD/OOTN

Hey guys so I went to an old high school friends wedding last week! It was on August 3rd which is also me and Garrett's 8 year dating anniversary!  I was asked to read a verse well chapter lol. I was so happy to participate in their wedding but I am horrified of public speaking. 
So on the mannequin is what I had in mind but when I put the big yellow flower necklace on it was way too much for an elegant wedding. My second option was mu simple and classic pearl necklace which made my outfit look effortless, classy and trendy at the same time!

My dress is from Francesca's Boutique, Necklace was from Belk and my shoes are Aviero from JustFab!

I made Garrett stare at the camera for too long so his eyes got really red and watery, haha! Don't we just look so snazzy together haha! 

I hope you enjoyed my outfit! Talk to you soon! 

<3 Christine

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Outfit | There is Beauty in Everything

Hey guy's! So here is another OOTD that I am obsessed with! The shirt just makes me so happy :-) It reads " There is beauty in everything but not everyone can see it."  I want to get this tattooed on me somewhere because it says so much and is a just a beautiful saying! Well if you want to know were these items are from then scroll on down!

My jacket is from JC Penny and my most worn jacket since I got it a few months back! 

My shirt is MNG by Mango Jeans from JC Penny. It is a very soft cotton T. It was a little pricy for $15 but I just had to have it! 

 My jeans are boyfriend jeans from LC Collection at Kohl's. They fit me perfectly. They hug me in all the right places and hang off me in all the right places. The distressed look and rips bring me back!

My heels are Aviero and my bag is Rowling! Yes, they are both JustFab items and still available!  

 My sunglasses are St. Barts from JustFab! 

My necklace is from Forever 21! 
Thank's for reading!
<3 Christine

Oct 13, 2013

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First Impression | FitMe Shine Free Foundation

This week in Work Outfits!

Hey guys!!! So, I am going to do my best and document my everyday outfits and share them with you weekly on here! If you want first hand knowledge of outfits then follow my instagram! Link is at the top right corner of the web page its a black circle with the instagram icon on it! I hope you enjoy! 
  • Top - Belk
  • Pants - LC Collection at Kohl's
  • Bag - Riviera from JustFab
  • Shoes - TJ Maxx
  • Cell Phone Case - Agent 1 from Kohl's

  • Dress - Fire Los Angeles from TJ Maxx
  • Blazer - my brothers from childhood
  • Bag - Blink Boutique
  • Belt - Francesca's  
  • Heels - Guess (actually wore a pair of nude wedges from BCBGeneration throughout the day)

  • Top - MNG by Mango from JC Penny
  • Pants - LC Collection at Kohl's
  • Bag and Sunnies - 818 and Fiji by JustFab
  • Shoes - TJ Maxx
  • Nails - Unicorn by Sinful Colors 

Thursday Off!!! 

  • Top - Francesca's
  • Pants - LC Collection at Kohl's
  • Shoes and Handbag - Gladies and 818 by JustFab

  • Dress - Nine Bird
  • Cardigan - Madison
  • Belt - Francesca's
  • Shoes - Gladies from JustFab
  • Necklace - Forever21 + my own additions