Dec 27, 2011

Boyfriend's Oversized Shirt OOTD

 Today was defiantly one of those days were it got up to 75+ degrees in the winter. So I opted for one of Garrett's old button ups, skinny jeans, and a pair of low wedged boots. It was very comfy and loose. One of my favorite simple easy outfits of all time.

Shirt from Belk, skinny jeans from Forever 21, Boots from JC Penny, bracelets from forever 21, Watch from Franciscas,

Dec 23, 2011

This outfit was defiantly centered on mustard yellow and navy blue, I used a blowzy mustard yellow shirt with dramatic knitted detailing and a thick bubble skirt in navy blue with a brown thin belt to cinch the waist. I just added some classic black tights. Then paired it all with a dark grey cardigan and heeled baggy boots. And the last thing I chose a black bag to tie it all together.

Top from Belk, Skirt from JC Penny, Cardigan from the LC Collection at Kohl's, Boots from ???, Purse from a little shop from New Orleans.

Dec 19, 2011

Danger my newest addition to my Just Fab collection. 

Dec 17, 2011

My Just Fab Collection

I have been a member of Just for a over a year and a half now and I still cannot get over how they make me feel when I open that package and see my new pair of shoes or purse. I get so excited and I honestly cannot believe how little they cost. Another thing I love are the names that are given to each shoe, I personally believe the names fit them perfectly. 

In a nutshell at members receive monthly shoe and handbag selections based on their personal style, and the items are handpicked for them by their own style expert. It's like having a personal shopper and celebrity stylist in one! Every item is $39.95 including shoes, handbags and jewelry. I haven't had the chance to try out their jewelry but i have 11 pairs of shoes (2 more coming) and 3 purses (1 more coming)

If you want to see more of them and a better explanation I have a video up on YouTube just copy this link:

To sign up to receive your own beautiful affordable shoes copy this link:


My Elite Member Watch

My JustFab Review Video

Milani, Revlon and L'Oreal Swatches

Runway Eyes Fashion Shadow
10 Haute Couture

 Without Water

With Water

As you can see the Milani eye shadow is very very light, it is great for a vey soft look but if you want to amplify the colors, your brush needs to be damp with water or eye drop solution to give the true color effect.

Illuminance Cream Eye Shadow 
Not Just Nudes

The revlon cream shadows are very opaque but when wearing them I noticed they creased really bad even with applying powder shadow over it. I would suggest putting as little as possible and avoiding the inner part of your eye lid. After I put it on just the outer V or on under my eye brow as a high light it did great.

L'Oreal HiP 
Color Truth Cream Eyeliner
Eggplant / Black

This product is great if just used four your upper lashes, if you set it with a dark powder. I used it on my water line and it ran down my inner corner within the first 30 min. Its deffinatly not the best for the water line, if you avoid that it will be good!

Dec 13, 2011

Me and Garrett got the chance to sneak off together and go on a date. We went to the Waka House in Baton Rouge and it was pretty good. I had been there before but not that location. I am not a very adventurous eater but Garrett is lol big time. Well he decided he would get everythng crazy so first thing he got was the baby octopus salad which is the hole reason for this blog post. Then he ordered sushi with a tablespoon of big salmon caviar on top (i tried it and it freaked me out, barely got it down), and for entree he got what is known as the valentines day roll. It was soy paper that wrapped up kiwi, crab, shrimp, and cream cheese, on top it has slices of strawberry, drizzled with an sugary sauce almost like an iceing, then it had little red caviar on top. lol he later realized that was too adventurous for him. i played it safe so i enjoyed my meal but lol any ways here the picture of his salad. Ahhh it freaked me out so bad he said they were cold and it popped with every bit and also had the texture of a gummy worm. so gross lol

Dec 9, 2011

Me and Garretts First Real Christmas Tree

This is me and my boyfriend Garrett’s very first Christmas Tree. We have been together almost seven years but we just moved into together in September. We at first were going to use my teeny tinny fake tree that I have had since my Freshman year in college, but after much talk we decided on a REAL ONE!!! By the way this is his very first real tree, ever.
When we went to go pick up this beauty we had a tree that was about a yard high. We got there and got so excited we left with a seven foot tree lol. The price was perfect and it was perfect. We bought it at the Louisiana Nursery on Perkins Rd. in Baton Rouge, LA.
We also ended up buying three sets of 100 count colored lights and a pack each of 6 glittery red and green ornaments. We were going to get a tree skirt but we liked it better without one. Also the dogs seem to like to steal a drink from the bottom every now and then. Hey I’m good as long as they don’t drink out of the toilet. Gross I know.
But were in love with the tree the smell is phenomenal. I have to say it is a perfect first tree. I would defiantly recommend a real tree over the fake trees, it is so worth the clean up and price. For that feeling when I see and smell it is worth any price to me. 

Cute Little Star!!!!

Our Favorite Ornaments

Dec 8, 2011

About Me

I am a 21 year old senior in College. Majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with 3 minors in psychology, entrepreneurship, apparel designs, textile and merchandising.
Growing up I was always a tomboy. Never wore make up except for dance recitals. After I graduated high school i left for culinary school. I studied that for two years. I realized I could never do that as my career so I began looking to find myself. I then transferred to LSU were I am now and have been trying to find my interests. I have flopped from architecture, photography, interior design, to business.
Since I couldn't find out what I wanted to do I pulled out of school for one semester. I studied Real Estate and discovered I loved it.
During that time I began looking to YouTube for inspiration on how to fix my hair or makeup in order to look older and more professional. I instantly fell in love. While I wasn't studying I was watching and learning from tutorials off YouTube. I remember dreaming that one day I would have a channel and a blog and teach young to older women what I have learned. I guess kind of giving back. I even made videos and just deleted them, because I was embarrassed.
These past few months I reenrolled into college with my sights set on Real Estate and opening my own online store. I know both completely different. I made a promise to myself to dress up as often as I could to school. I have so far everyday excluding maybe 10 days all together. I mind you that I have always been the girl to just throw an oversized t-shirt on and some jogging shorts and throw my hair up into a bun. In doing this I have become so confident and happy and I believe I am finding myself.
I feel like I am ready to start a blog and a YouTube channel to not only document my progress but also to connect with other bloggers who share a common interest with me.
I cannot wait to see were this journey takes me!