Mar 31, 2012

March Fav. Fashion Buys





Retro Rider Neckless



OOTD Stripes and a Bold Neckless

I newly discovered this shirt in my closet it was like buying it all over again! I have been wanting to wear a bold neckless with a button up shirt for  awhile now but I didn't want to do a plain white shirt so I was waiting to get money to go shopping and I found this gem. Next piece I want to talk about is my neckless. I new how proud I was of wearing this neckless and how cheap it was ($5-$7) but I did not think any one could really see it with my jean jacket on. I was so surprised at how many complements I had on it and how expensive it looked. Since these were different peaces and I was just going to school I decided to wear them with a few staples from my closet. 1) Jean Jacket, 2) Jeggings, 3) my everyday boots from named Sibyl. Oh yea and my bag is a new member of the family from and her name is 818. LOL I feel so funny when I give them a gender or a name. I get a few weird looks but I think it is expected from me being so quirky andy way. Well I hope you enjoy this look and keep checking back for more uploaded OOTD. MWAH love you guys! <3

Things I wore:
Forever 21 Button Up and Jewelry
JC Penny Jean Jacket Shoes and Handbag
Kohls Lauren Conrad Collection Jeggings

Mar 24, 2012

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream Review

        The story behind getting this BB Cream starts like this: I ran out of my Purpose Face Moisturizer and I needed another bottle. So, I went to CVS and saw how much it was and decided I wanted to find something cheaper or something new. So I looked around and decided to start at the Aveeno products. I looked at their tented moisturizer but it was $17.        Thats was a no. So I keep looking and looking and I came across Garnier products and dug in. Then there it was in huge letters B.B. Cream. I kind of did a double take. So, after much consideration I decided to go for it and buy it for $12. 
       As soon as I got it into the car I of course tried it out on the back of my hand. It went on great it was a little shinny but their was this perfume smell, good smell, but non the less a added fragrance smell. I was a little freaked because my skin is so sensitive and I have always had to use fragrance free products or I will get a migraine and then my skin would react and break out. 
        So, when I was about to wright it off I remembered I started my YouTube Channel and my Blog for a reason and to start being more daring and try knew things no matter how horrified I was. So, I put it on my face the next morning for school. I applied it with my Beauty Blinder. I would defiantly recommend putting it on like a foundation, not like a moisturizer with your hands. I would use a makeup sponge or a brush to apply it to make sure it is blended and evenly distributed. It does leave a dewy finish which is in for Spring but if you do not want that effect you need to set it and/or mattefy it with some powder. I used my Mac Natural Skin Finish in Medium Plus. Use what ever you have it doesn't matter. 
         It went on great and blended well and it happen to be my exact shade (Light/Medium) but it didn't look like anything had changed so I was like ok ill see what it looks like periodically throughout the day. I began to notice my skin started to look better throughout the day and when I got home it looked like completely different skin, a few acne scars faded and some zits reduced in size. 
        Now I am not saying this is what this product will do this but I noticed adifference. Also when I usually get home I have severe lines under my eyes were my under eye concealer settled in. With this It doesn't do it. Even through rain, 90 Degree weather, and cold. Yes, all of these have happened were I live in the past week. I have never been so satisfied with a drug store product and I cannot believe how great it is and I cannot wait to see how much more It can do for my skin. I would recomend this to any skin type to just try it out and see what it could do for your skin! 

Amazing Saturday Morning Drive with my Boo

Mar 22, 2012

This outfit is so fun! I have been hearing so much about turbans and how trendy they are and I  fell in love. When it came down to me trying to find peaces to go with a turban I automatically went to neutrals. Classic peaces like the white V-neck and the black blazer. I paired that with the new trend of acid washed boyfriends cropped jeans. Whoa that was a lot of words for one thing. I kept it simple with two mid length necklases. One gold chain and one silver chain. On my feet I decided to go with a taupe cutout pump. The last peace I wanted to add is a clutch for the daytime clutch trend thats also been going around. It is just a plain black clutch with a scale pattern. 
This out fit is defiantly a must for me this Spring, I am still waiting for the perfect day to break it out and wear it to school. Maybe with some flats but I love everything about this outfit 

Hanes White V-Neck
Forever 21 Black Blazer and Jewelry
American Eagle Boyfriend Jeans Pumps
Grandmothers Clutch and Scarf
Urban Outfitters Sunglasses
Chloe my baby girl <3

Mar 16, 2012

Orange for Spring

Lauren Conrad Dress
Boutique Waisted Weaved Belt
JC Penny Jean Jacket
Target Watch Neckless
Urban Outfitters Sunglasses Shoes (Glady's) 

What was is My Birchbox for March 2012

This month Birchbox game subscribers the opportunity to choose between the beauty items they would pick out or pick the Teen Vogue Beauty Picks Box. After some deep thought I decided to be a rebel and go with the Teen Vogue Box. Below I have pictures and a breif description of all of my goodies I received this month. At the end I put up my YouTube video I made for this months Birchbox!
I really advise people to subscribe to Birchbox! I am not affiliated with them in any way, this is 100% my true honest opinion. I just think for me being a college student living off a tiny budget and being able to try new expensive products for $10 a month is so worth it and easy for me to do! I love everything about Birchbox and I just want the same feeling for each and everyone of you. I hope you Enjoy <3

This Product above is the Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Papers. These mattifying tissues are coated with transparent rice paper powder to leave your skin perfectly shine-free! At least that is what the box said. To me it is just like ever other Face Blotting Paper. The full size version of this is $18 for 100 sheets.

This next product is the Tart LipSurgence Lip Tint. This long lasting stain adds rich pigment and is designed to boost the moisture levels in your lips. I have worn this everyday since I received it. I love it and it did stay for 5 hours minimum. I only had to reapply it after I ate only because I wipe my mouth a lot lol. The full size version of this is $24.

This product is the only perfume in the box which every Birchbox I have received includes a new perfume. This is the Annick Goutal Petite Cherie. A blend of fresh fruity notes and musk, this French fragrance is the definition of understated chic. I actually love this perfume, they usually send a floral scented perfume and that smell really gives me bad headaches and I get nauseous. It isnt my favorate perfume but I do like it! The full size version of this costs $85.

This next product was my favorite of the entire box! It is Essie luxeffects in Set in Stones. Layer this glittery top coat onto any polish for an eye-catching look. Essie is my #1 favorite nail polish brand. I am already wearing it on my nails! This is full size so it costs $8. 

My last product is the Twistband. Gives your ponytail a makeover with these colorful, snag-free elastics. Which I had received one of these things when I first joined but it was a dark grey and I was so excited to see it was a bright shinny Yellow! Perfect for Spring!!! I prefer to wear them on my wrist for an emergency but I have seen almost half of the girls in my classs wearing them in their hair and I was so surprised because I only have seen these through Birchbox. In a pack  of 12 these cost $18.

The last item in the box was the Exclusive offer! These come in every box and this one was a 10% promo code for  

My Video (Check it Out)

Mar 13, 2012


This out fit is defiantly a favorite. Something about leather makes me smile! This pallet I wanted to keep it down to two colors which as you can see are blue and brown. I paired my chambray shirt with a silky aqua blue pashmina scarf with golden tiger stripes. I thought it would be a good transitional piece from winter to spring. I paired that with a brighter blue skinny jean and added the deep chocolate leather jacket and boots. I hope you enjoy <3

The Outfit

Forever 21 Chambray Top and Skinny Jeans; Florence, Italy Leather Jacket and Pashmina Scarf; Dillards Leather Boots

Mar 11, 2012

St. Patty's Day Outfit

I have been trying to find different ways to wear my green dress! I think this is the perfect way! I layered my dress with a yellow top and rolled it up to my natural waist line. Then, I belted it with a weaved brown waist belt. To tone down the colors and make it day time appropriate I thought a jean jacket would make it perfect. Since I chose to wear a brown belt I decided to go ahead and pair my outfit with a brown bag and brown gladiator sandles. Instead of wearing a gold neckless I chose a darker brass chain with a whistle chain. Since I don't like to take my gold guardian angel neckless off (it's my good luck charm) I kept it on but I think it is perfectly fine to mix and match golds with silver or brassy hardware. Garrett told me this outfit made me look like a gypsy. I kind of like that description. Not what I was going for but it will do. 

St. Patty's Day Outfit Video

TJ Maxx Shirt, Urban Outfitter Dress, JC Penny Jacket, Forever 21 Neckless, Francesca Watch and Belt, Target Bag, and Shoes.

Mar 8, 2012

How to Style: Khaki's

This outfit is a sure way to repurpose those classic khaki pants. When I was putting this outfit together I defiantly wanted to keep a neutral pallet. Little pops of color throughout a neutral pallet is key. So I put together these soft neutral colors with blues from the turquoise family. My other accessories mimicked the black jacket and shoes through bangles. This out fit is perfect for transitioning from Fall/ Winter to Spring. I hope you enjoy <3

My Stuff:
Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohls Jacket and Shirt
JC Penny Khakis
Kohls Ballet Flats
Urban Outfitters Sunglasses
Forever 21 Jewlery
Francescas watch Purse 

The Video I made to explain it in more depth!