Aug 31, 2012

My August Favorites - 2012


My must haves for this month have been at number one my Michael Kors watch and Red Envelope Necklace Garrett bought me for our 7 year and my birthday. I wear them every single day and I love that they are my new signature peaces. I will miss my guardian angel but I have it in a very special place were I can still see it so its all fine. The next thing is my tea obsession has entered another level of weird. Not only do I have to have a cup as soon as I wake up and for lunch and sometimes at night but now I have to drink it out of a cute cup. My absolute favorite way to drink tea is in my brand spankin' new red birdie tea cup. What makes it even was only $4.99!!!! 
The next thing that I am truly obsessing about is smoothies. I make them every morning and it puts me in the right place and mind set for the day. I have the recipe below if you are interested it is a simple yet delightful concoction that makes me so happy and concerned at how excited this simple shake makes me. Any ways I guess we should move on before this gets any weirder. 
So next, I will jump to my favorite clothing options. Button ups...oh button ups, kinda simple but a closet staple. But, not when you make it sheer and with a fun print like polka dots. This is a great transitional piece from summer into fall. Were I live it is going to be a fall piece that transitions into winter. I do wish I could layer and have to wear gloves and scarves out of necessity instead of pure desire. Any ways sheer button ups are great if you are ready for Fall now and need to keep cool. So my next fashion favorite is leopard flats! they are from Target at they were only $14. I bought them for myself on my birthday and I am in love! 
My 3 beauty fav's include the Conair bun filler, Garnier Moroccan oil, and double sided cotton rounds. The bun filler, I like to use it as a sock bun. Mostly this summer has been straight buns. Lets face it summer is not the time for having your hair down and getting all sweaty...that just not cute. So I feel like I have had a very laid back summer with just throwing my hair in a bun and the Conair bun filler makes it fabulous and chic. All with out trying hard at all. So the next product would be the Garnier Moroccan Oil. Lets back up a bit to when I bought it. I went to the drugstore to find a shine serum and it caught my eye and it was so much cheaper than the other Moroccan oils. So I grabbed it up and I cannot put it down. I smooth a dime size amount over the bottom of my hair after I shampoo my hair. The shine is amazing and has no oiliness factor. Now the last product is the cotton rounds. I actually bought it because it was on sale. I didnt really look at them much, I just sort of grabbed and ran. So when I first put them out on my vanity, I got very excited because one side is as smooth as a baby's bottom and the other side had soft ridges. So now in the morning I use the soft side with my toner and the ridge side at night with my toner to make sure I get all of the makeup off. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin with that one step. 
So I hope you go out and try some of these products and trends. I am going to miss August so much. It was amazing. I had Garrett and my 7 year anniversary, my 22 birthday and out engagement party, also we got to officially move into our new place. I am very sad to see it go but I am so excited for September and to see the rest of this year. I cannot WAIT till December 22!! I am ready to be Mrs. Garrett Sanders. But, I really don't want to miss out on Fall, it is however my favorite time of year.

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