Nov 28, 2012

♡ My Ladies Luncheon ♡

This past Saturday (24th of November) my future mother-in-law threw me a bridal luncheon to celebrate me becoming her daughter-in-law. It was the sweetest most gorgeous lunch. It was at the Castle Restaurant at Dunleath Plantation in Natchez, Mississippi. I got me some fried chicken, dark meat of course, and it was divine. It came with a side of rice and gravy!!! yummy and a big ole' bowl of green beans cooked in bacon!!! Not only was the food delicious but the company was spectacular as well. I hope you guys notice my outfit was from my previous post and I decided it was my favorite! It screamed me in every aspect. So many different textures and mixing two colors (black and brown) that some may say should never be worn together. As well as a nice pop of color to finish off the look. This is my favorite way to wear clothing. Above each picture I will put who is who in order from left to right. I hope you enjoy these ladies outfits as much as I did. Also if you are ever in Natchez, Mississippi and have some time go check out Dunleath it is spectacular and the staff is supper sweet and amazing!

(My sister: Erin, My mom: Rose Anne, Me, My Mother-in-law: Mrs. Rhonda, and My brothers Girlfriend: Taylor)

(Garrett's Aunt: Robin, Mr, Garrett's Cousin: Rachel)

(Me and Taylor)

(My sister: Erin and Me)

(Garrett's Grandmaw: Mamaw Tisi, Me, and Garrett's mom: Mrs. Rhonda)

(Me and My Mama: Rose Anne)

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